November brings a rash of unique driving conditions


From wet leaves to frost covered roads, OceanPoint Insurance wants to remind motorists why maintaining comprehensive auto coverage is important for the dangers they may face in November.

“November is rife with potential dangers for drivers,” said Doug Mayhew, President of OceanPoint Insurance. “From snow to darker roads and more deer this time of year, drivers must navigate perilous conditions that can make it difficult for even the best drivers.”

Run-ins with deer alone — especially likely in the deer mating season of November —average $4,000 in damages and are usually only covered when insuring your vehicle with full coverage. To protect you and your family from financial upheaval, OceanPoint Insurance urges you to review your current policy while reading this list on things to look out for in November.

Keep an eye on your tire pressure

Colder temperatures typically reduce tire pressure in cars, which can contribute to a car accident. In fact, the National Highway Transportation Safety Agency found that tires operating below their recommended tire pressure can be up to three times more likely to be involved in a car accident. Therefore, New Englanders who saw their tire pressure icon light up recently should make it a priority to adjust their tires to the manufacturer’s specifications

More accidents happen at night

Many people may have noticed that their commutes back home have suddenly become darker. Although most driving takes place during the day, the National Safety Council reports that 50 percent of all traffic fatalities happen at night. Furthermore, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration suggested that people get into more accidents this time of year because their internal clocks haven’t adjusted to the new schedule and are more likely to drive tired, which some say is comparable to driving under the influence. Besides getting a good night’s rest, there is little that can be done about others’ drowsiness so it’s best to keep a safe distance and be attentive while on the road.

Snow, sleet, wet roads, and leaves can all impact driving

Did you know that wet leaves can excrete oils on the road that can be just as dangerous as driving on snow? Regardless of the type of road conditions, it’s advised that motorists drive slowly and calmly over patches of slippery roadways.

Deer mating season poses another road hazard

Collisions involving animals increase during the month of November partly because it coincides with deer mating season, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Massachusetts and Connecticut alone account for more than 10,000 deer related accidents every year, which means Rhode Islanders are also at risk for running into deer in November. Environmental officials suggest driving more slowly, and stepping on the brakes to minimize damage. Remember not to swerve because you can cause a bigger accident, or a different one altogether that could alter how your insurance provider characterizes the accident.

Even the most experienced drivers can expect to be involved in a car accident or two during their lifetime, and with the average injury claim over $16,000, motorists should be mindful that any accident can jeopardize their financial security if they are not properly insured.

OceanPoint Insurance wants to make sure you are protected under any scenario whether that involves a fender bender or an animal collision. For insurance packages that meet any budget, speak with an OceanPoint Insurance agent at 401-847-5200, or send us an email at