Winter is Coming: Is Your Home Ready?

As the inevitable occurs and snow begins to fall, we want to be sure that your home is fully prepared for all that winter may bring. In order to best protect your home, be sure to follow these tips to save yourself time, money and energy this season:

  • Prepare your fireplace: If it has been some time since you last tended to your chimney, call a professional to remove the soot and creosote in order to prevent fires. Cap or screen the top of the chimney to keep out rodents and to stop birds from forming nests. Finally, if your fireplace functions by burning wood, be sure to purchase it ahead of time and store it in a dry place.
  • Clear your gutters of all leaves and debris: If your gutters are clogged, water that is trapped inside can freeze in the winter, causing ice dams and damage to your gutters and roof. Be sure to rake away any potential hazards and keep them free all winter.
  • Keep heat inside the home: Reduce costs on your energy bill by filling in any gaps in the foundation. Caulk and weather-strip your doors and windows, install storm windows or cover them with plastic from the inside to prevent heat from leaving the home.
  • Purchase all necessary equipment before winter hits: Stock up on shovels, rock salt and ice melting materials. Prepare and store an emergency kit in the event that a storm occurs, and be sure to have enough blankets and flashlights for each person in the home. Winter can cause substantial power outages, so it is always a good idea to prepare yourself and your family for these instances.

No home is fully prepared without the proper homeowner’s insurance. Call your OceanPoint Insurance agent today to discuss what is likely to happen during extreme weather conditions and to bring peace of mind knowing it is properly covered.